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Products That Should Exist
A free Gmail clone.A lot of people I know use Gmail for email. It’s not because they don’t have access to servers or can’t afford a couple gigabytes of disk space. It’s because Gmail is simply the best interface for email out there right now. It’d be even better if it was free software, though.
The biggest problem with Gmail is that you can’t run it offline. But if it was free software, you could run it on your local machine and use it even when not connected to the net. This would also have the nice benefit of making it much faster for the user. Some synchronization code would be necessary, but it’d be worth it.
Gmail isn’t all that complicated; this really shouldn’t be that hard.
A nice OS X Tor interface.I’ve talked to a bunch of people who would like to use Tor, but find it just too complicated. Ideally, the interface should be very simple. You download the Tor binary and double-click it to start using Tor and quit out to stop. And so that you know it’s working, it’ll have a little window that will show you the names of servers you’re connected to.
OS X has APIs for changing the system preferences; just use those to set the SOCKS server properly. Tor has APIs for finding out when you connect to a server, use those to set the display. For a decent Mac programmer, this can’t be more than a day’s worth of work, but it’d make Tor vastly more usable.
Decent backup software.I’vealready written about this. It still hasn’t happened.
If anyone’s interested in building any of these,let me knowand perhaps we can work something out.
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December 29, 2006